Are you breastfeeding your baby and feel like you need some help?

There is so much advice, often conflicting, about what you need to do.  You have tried and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Maybe you are preparing to for the birth of your baby and thinking about breastfeeding or you want breastfeeding to be different with this baby.

I understand that.

It can be hard to find a way through all the advice when you are a new mum, you are so busy and tired and maybe a bit worried too.

Book a consultation with me, in your home, or online, via Skype, I’ll help you and your baby get comfortable, grow in confidence, help you build a strong milk supply and support you on your breastfeeding journey, whatever that looks like.

I have been supporting breastfeeding mothers since 2001 when I accredited as a breastfeeding counsellor with La Leche League.   I have worked in hospitals and alongside community midwives offering breastfeeding support in the early days.  I was part of the team at the Northampton Baby Cafe for 10 years.

I have a passion for helping mothers feel confident breastfeeding their babies.  I love to see a new mother and baby get the hang of breastfeeding, seeing them move from wobbly beginners to an accomplished breastfeeding duo.  I understand how difficult it can be, that there can be challenges, and a flexible approach is very important.  A successful breastfeeding relationship for one mum is exclusive breastfeeding for another it might be mixed feeding or exclusively pumping her milk.  Sometimes plans change I am there to listen, guide and help you whatever your journey.

I have supported mums and babies in a wide range of situations from the very straightforward to those facing complex challenges.  From the hours after birth to breastfeeding toddlers.

I have a particular interest in supporting women who have had a negative or unsuccessful experience of breastfeeding with previous babies.